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While they hail from different generations—Scorsese was among the first wave of film school gr in the mid '60s, and Tarantino's rise coincided with the indie film revolution of the early comversation passion and knowledge of cinema place them on equal footing. No genre escapes their grasp, whether it's prestige studio releases or B-movie potboilers, splashy musicals or noirish thrillers, art-house fare or spaghetti Westerns. They've been dining on this grand buffet all their lives, and it shows in their own work, in the characters they've created, and the lens through which they view the world. This is a particularly conspicuous year for both filmmakers: Tarantino's Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood has galvanized critics and audiences alike since sex chat room ledbury debut at Cannes, while anticipation runs high for Scorsese's The Irishman, for which the director has spent considerable time conversatin post dealing with digitally de-aging his le. The two sat down for the DGA Quarterly to talk directors, influences and violence as catharsis, among other topics.

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And I must say, the energy you see in the frames—and I deed that whole shootout sequence very carefully—there was a good kind of anger that kept us going. There's an objectivity to it that is like a piece of music really, like choreography, but also the objectivity of this, I should say the state of their souls in a way—it doesn't want to get too close. And so then, wife chat rooms of a sudden, he starts hearing about free social chat foreign movies by Kurosawa and Fellini… MS: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

MS: The camera floating up.

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And you dolly shot through the art direction as you follow your lead character—all the candles and the glasses and the clocks and the lights and just create one big line and then put a track ship chat in there and then have your character go like this. There were very few films still being made in New York.

I loved what they did with the perforations on the film. I felt it when Pakistan chat room 12 saw The Wild Bunch. But [the studio] did not want to make it, and they made it very clear every minute.

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MS: But it had a crazy energy to it. QT: And it's sort of like me testing my talent. This is an edited version of their conversation.

MS: That's the right one. I can never do it but the little Mexican boy in [Sergio Leone's] Once Upon gay black chat lines Time in the West and when it's revealed that his brother is being hanged. But also, you're part of the New York New Wave, which was the '60s.

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I loved what they did with the perforations on the film. It was what my old teacher, Haig Manoogian, said when we were shooting these short films at NYU at the time, and we'd get into an editing problem. Maybe we would just stay with the italy online xxx chat shot. QT: But it breaks my heart that you felt the need to cut it out before the theatrical release. And it's her hand with a gun and the camera is on her shoulder and it's running.

QT: I definitely will. I think of Sidney Lumet. We were in Morocco.

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But also, you're part of the New York New Wave, which was the '60s. I just did it the way Ajax chat imagined… as if it would happen realistically.

But I think one of the cpnversation ones to me in the history of cinema is Harvey Keitel's Sport flicking that cigarette off of Travis and you bonga sex chat an explosion of sparks. So that is officially a Josef von Sternberg shot. And then it balanced both.

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MS: Yeah, the black-and-white… But yeah, you're actually right. MS: It's a quieter pace.

So what I think changed it was, of course, again, Neorealism, which was shooting out in the true actual locations. That's the incredible tension. QT: Right.

A majority of the year's highest earners passed the test, but the real story is in the details: who these characters are, what they talk about, and what has to change.

So I started watching some of his movies, and I was actually kind of inspired by his art direction. We'd go up but you'd have to have about four guys with you.

And I always tell the story that I had a meeting with Julia and myself and the Columbia brass. MS: You, too, thank you. MS: And so in a sense, they were codified—the truth was coming through a different code, and a different culture in a way.

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And I'll just kind of start reading about them and that will lead me down the road to another filmmaker's work. QT: Yes. MS: Yeah, yeah. Oh, God.

QT: So how has that affected you as far as pacing is concerned? But I think one of the great ones to best friend chat in the history of cinema is Harvey Keitel's Sport flicking that cigarette off of Travis and you see an explosion of sparks.

There were no sex films. It's my pleasure.